Ongoing Work On The House

There’s been loads happening in the house over the past few weeks and I will post about each room individually when it’s finished and at this stage nothing is actually completed! But here’s a few photos of the ongoing work, mostly done by our very clever brother-in-law-to-be, Vince! (it’s handy to have a builder/plasterer/joiner/plumber in the fold!)

The rest of the family are also being amazing in their help and support, my Dad has been driving the project through by planning and organising everything as well as getting stuck in in the garden, Mum’s husband Neil has been onsite labouring and lugging rubble when he’d much rather be on the golf course, two of our nieces Hannah and Phoebe were drafted into painting and gardening duty, my Mum and sister Alison and Rich’s family have been feeding us and accomodating us as we’re dossing at work (!) at the moment until the house is in a state that we can move in to! Lots of other friends including June and Ken who helped us find the house and even our new neighbours have also got involved in clearing the garden!

Huge thank you to everyone who’s helping us!


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