Our Day Jobs

For anyone who’s interested, here’s a little bit more about what we do during the day!


We both work for my (Helen’s) family business, The Music Factory Entertainment Group. Within this umbrella company we have several brands, the two that we focus on are Mastermix and Pure Energy.

Pure Energy is a music and media company which services the fitness industry. We produce music mixes that are specifically tailored to be used in fitness classes, and videos of choreography ideas for aerobics instructors to use.

Mastermix is Europe’s leading DJ music service, providing mixes, remixes, bootlegs and compilations to DJs across Europe. We cover all music genres from upfront chart hits to retro tunes from the 50s and everything in between!

Rich is the Label Manager and Product Development Manager for Mastermix and Pure Energy, so he researches the market, comes up with new concepts, decides which products to release every month and tracklists all the albums and also co-produces some of the mixes. He’s also always seeking out new markets and working with 3rd party companies to supply bespoke music products. Oh, and on top of all this, he’s also a DJ himself, out roadtesting the Mastermix products every month!

I oversee all the marketing for Mastermix and Pure Energy, and also control all the social networks for both brands. This involves designing the weekly eflyers, monitoring the traffic sources to the websites and constantly tweaking all the marketing platforms based on the analytics of the sites. I also write blogs myself as well as sourcing blogs from other people who can provide relevant and interesting content about both industries. As well as this I control the production workflow for the company, scheduling products into the workflow, making sure we hit deadlines and that the producers create our albums creatively but cost effectively!

There’s also the matter of a certain entertaining rabbit who we look after… Jive Bunny is our brand (some of you may remember from the late 80s!) My Dad and my brother created Jive Bunny and took him to the top of the charts between 1989 and 1991, and now, 25 years later, Rich has given him a new lease of life and he’s appearing throughout the year at various 80s festivals around the country!

Find out more about Mastermix and Pure Energy from our social networks:

Mastermix Facebook / Pure Energy Facebook

Mastermix Twitter / Pure Energy Twitter

I am also on LinkedIn!



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